What Is A Keyword Research Tool?

Attention Affiliate Marketers, Are You Using The Best Keyword Research Tool?

What Is A Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Tool, What You Can Do with it.

Here Are Just A Few To Start...

  • Unsure about your direction: Discover how to better target your online business niche.
  • Not Getting the Best Results: Produce better ranking content for your marketing campaigns.
  • Need To Rank Your Content: Get more organic search traffic to your website.

Above are just a few topics that will get covered in this article. I'm speaking to all online marketer, new marketers and seasoned marketers, this is a must have tool to be include in your business. Gain the ability to research faster and discover more accurate keywords all in one place. Find new keywords and research how old keywords terms are performing. These are just a two the great benefits of this keyword tool.

Experiencing A Lack Of Traffic To Your Website

Many new and developing online affiliate marketers run into this same problem with their website; is the lack of traffic.

Your website needs well written content and keyword phrases that make sense; quality content and keywords bring organic search engine traffic to your website.

Let's say you just posted a new article but after a few weeks your website isn't seeing traffic. This could mean your content isn't getting found in Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Certainly one problem could very well be the lack of quality keywords throughout your article; another issue could be your article isn't indexed. Maybe your on page SEO and Meta information is missing. However, in this example we will only stick to keywords and search results.

Consistent traffic will definitely help your new website to grow. So please don't just focus on keywords. Also, focus on your content, it needs to be helpful to your readers and potential audience.

The best way to obtain traffic is to help your reader. Your readers have issues and they are searching for help and a solution to their problem, this where your helpful article comes in.

Without these key elements present throughout your article gaining ground in organic search results will be low to non-existent. Through the use of long tail keywords that have adequate to high search volumes your website will begin to get found in the search. Also, make sure you get your content indexed into Google search, if you don't know how to index your articles you can learn more here. Let's continue to move on to understanding search.

Help Is On The Way... Keyword Research Tool.

I'm assuming you're reading this article looking for help with producing traffic. Don't worry, I will be reviewing and offering you a few tips throughout this article that can help you produce better content and hopefully it will also produce traffic to your site.

Having low to no traffic to a niche site you are promoting can leave you sour and second guessing if you have chosen a good niche. You've written your content inside your niche, and your website still is getting low to no traffic. This is where having access to a keyword research tool comes in to play.

The tool is just the solution to help you produce better results with your marketing campaigns. I use Jaaxy keyword research tool; this tool helps me find keyword search terms that can help bring targeted traffic to my niche site. My subscription also gives me so much more to help grow my website traffic.

The more we are able to narrow down our search terms to a specific target with in our niche the better chances we have at making a sale. The industry experts call this "low hanging fruit". The term low hanging fruits relates to having the opportunity to promote products and services to qualified prospects that are late in the buying stage. This person is closing in on making a purchase, and could potentially find and visit your affiliate website through the search results pages.

Let's use a search term like "Basketball Shoes", this is a term that gets a lot of searches and is also a very broad topic. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing will return a wide range of information in search results. The search will come back with info like what NBA star where's what basketball shoe, maybe a review of basket shoes, probably a specific basketball product, some advertising deals and an authority website to purchase basketball shoes and so on.

Our goal is to narrow down that broad search term to something that is more specific. For example try searching for "Hi-top basketball shoes". This is a more targeted search, it may have less total traffic; but these searchers are moving closer to a buying decision because they have a specific interest.

I hope I am making sense and this example is helping you better understand how this tool can help you increase traffic to website. Below I will go further into this above example; now lets take a look at who should be using and benefiting from this research tool.

Who Should Be Using A Keyword Research Tool?

Anyone who is an online marketer that is currently engaging in affiliate marketing, drop shipping or any other kind of online marketing that involves content writing should be using Jaaxy.

This should be your go to source to generate quality keywords and helpful content for your audience. As you probably know by now, as online affiliate marketers we live and die from traffic to our websites.

Not only do we need traffic; we also need traffic to our websites that converts to sales and/or leads. Yes we do want to help our readers with great solutions and solid recommendations but we are also looking for our website to generate an income as well.

Again, hopefully you see or you are beginning to see the advantages of this type of marketing tool.

Finding Keywords Was A Struggle Before This Tool.

Before, I started using this tool I struggled with my content getting ranked inside of Google. I was indexed inside Google but my traffic was almost non-existent. I was not accurately using keywords in my content.

Now my content is getting ranked. I got better at producing content and my traffic to my website got better. With the right tools, you can take on any job; this was something my grandfather always told me when I was growing up; no matter the job.

Actually he was really talking about hammers and drills but I'm sure you can relate to what my grandfather was saying to affiliate marketing as well. This tool works and gets the job done when using it correctly to find keywords for content writing.

Now we'll get inside Jaaxy and show you how it can impact your marketing business.

Let's Get Inside Jaaxy

Here is a list of all the great tools found inside Jaaxy. You will find that it's more than just a research tool; you will also be able to track your written published content inside Jaaxy.

Take a look at the video after this list; the video will explain in detail what these features do and will also explain how you will benefit. This is will also aid you in building your online affiliate business.

  • Keyword search: understand what consumers are searching.
  • Alphabet soup search: research keywords from a to z.
  • Keyword list save: keep your searches organized.
  • Keyword search history: encase you forget to save your search,
  • Keyword search analysis: look at the keyword performance.
  • Keyword affiliate programs: what affiliate programs can you join.
  • Brainstorming: digging deep into your keyword search.
  • Keyword site rank search: track your keyword rankings.
  • Keyword tracked ranking: daily, weekly and monthly tracking.
  • Affiliate program: join the affiliate program.

Putting The Tools To Work For Better Content

Now that you have watched the video, I'm sure you will agree, you can see there is a lot on the inside. These tools you get will definitely make an impact your business; Either by making somethings much simpler or by giving you added information to help guide and target your niche website in the right direction.

Different tools inside Jaaxy will allow you to look at your website as it appears in the search results. I like using the alphabet soup search tool, this will allow you to move through the alphabet A to Z and discover or add-on keywords to an already existing search term.

To get the most out of your already write content, I recommend you first review your content and identify the key focus of your niche and by using Jaaxy, determine if your niche is too broad. You want your niche narrowed down and focused in on one specific search term; from there make sure your new content post is centered on that term.

Use the keyword tool to help you find long tail phrases that has strong potential traffic. Let's move on below and review the example.

Take A Look At The Basketball Shoes

Let's take another look at the basketball shoes example from above in this article. Before we said that the basketball shoes was a very broad keyword; here is a search example below. Next we will add in words to break this broad term down more so it will be more specific and direct. Let's look at the following screen shot.

Jaaxy search basketball shoes

The first column gives the average number of times the term "basketball shoes" is searched for specifically using Google. As you can see, basketball shoes is a pretty high volume search term. That number represents consumers potentially at the beginning of their search for shoes. Now lets see what happens when we change our search term and add a couple more words.

Jaaxy search hi top basketball shoes

Now that we changed our search to "Hi-Top Basketball Shoes" we have less search volume but we have consumers that are now more targeted in finding what they are searching for. These consumers are closing in on making a buying decision. Also, look at the search of "low top basketball shoes" they are the consumers that are closing in on making a buying decision.

Try thinking about the above example as if you were walking into a store to by shoes. A salesperson approaches you and asks, can I help you find something?" Your replied maybe, "I'm looking for basketball shoes." Their next question maybe, "what type of basketball shoes, hi-top, low-top, brand name, specific color and so on..." The series of questions narrows you down to what you specifically want.

That is how you narrow down your content towards online shoppers. Now if you have an affiliate website that is promoting "hi top and low top basketball shoes" you want to target you content and article reviews on this search term. By doing this you can bring organic search traffic to your website.

Organic search traffic is a great way to start building trust with your website. By producing good informative and helpful content for your visitors, they will hopefully begin to visit your website and trust your opinions and reviews. However, you must remain consistent; these consumers want to see consistency from you. So you can't take to many breaks, you have to produce content often.

Your website, whatever niche you chose to enter can become an authority site. A site where many go to purchase products and read reviews. It takes a lot of work and Jaaxy can help you grow in that direction.

A Few More Things To Consider... These Benefits Are Real!

As I continue to build a case for you to consider adding this tool to your arsenal; lets review some more benefits of using Jaaxy. Having access to researching keywords is the number one benefit. The image below is a screen shot of my actual keywords that I am ranking for currently. This called the keyword tracking, and it's one of the tools inside Jaaxy. This feature allow you to track your keywords and see what page your keyword and content are found on in the search engines.

*These results can change daily.

This benefit is HUGE! You can see ranking data for my website. Take a look at each column and you can see the keyword phrase, my website, how many scans, the position ranked in the top three search engines. This great information to help your marketing campaigns and stay on top along with making changes if needed.

There are some many other benefits to using this tool like the can track how your keywords and content is performing. You will be able to see how well you are ranking in the search in engines. I'll list more benefits below:

  • Research competition:  see how your competition is performing.
  • Check domains: quickly find available domains.
  • Video: walk through video training
  • Local business: uncover local marketing SEO.
  • Make money: find affiliate programs that match your niche.

These are some great benefits to this awesome product. Now I'm sure you understand how each tool inside will benefit to you. It took me sometime to experience it all. As, my content grew I began to test the different tools with my content.

From there I was able to understand more about producing and marketing my content. This is not overnight success game, this takes training and planning over a period to reach your online business goals.

Now It's Time For You To Start Putting The Tool To Work!

More than likely you've heard the term the proof is in the pudding, well that's what I'm going to say the proof is on the inside. This product will benefit you in growing your online business. It will help you find those quality keyword word terms, that I've referred throughout this article.

It's very easy to get started. There are two different plans to sign up for; you can sign-up for the Pro Plan or Enterprise Plan. The Pro Plan is the most popular for new website owners and great for beginners getting started in the affiliate marketing industry. This plan is only $49 per month. Sign up and immediately start searching for keywords.

The next options is the Enterprise Plan; this built for season and veteran online marketers. These tools are awesome but it may be more than what you need currently. The subscription is $99 per month. I use the Pro Plan and it works perfectly for my online business.

Keywords for your content is life for your business. The Jaaxy Keyword Tool will provide you with the data you need to produce first page Google rankings. That's your goal; first page ranking and you can get there.

I Guarantee You Will Love Using Jaaxy.

I, 100% guarantee you will love using the tools and discovering how to grow your business. I nor Jaaxy can guarantee you will get first page ranking. However, based upon the research and feedback of user of this product along with following the training and understanding SEO and page structure many users are producing first page rankings Jaaxy..

You can follow me and my training articles and tips at onlineinternetmarketingcourse.com

As a bonus offer Jaaxy will allow you to sign up and get 30 searches for FREE. Take this free offer to get started and then upgrade to either plan. You are not locked in to a long term commitment and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

I surely hope that my article has given you an inside look at what I believe is the best keyword search tool. Lastly you can sign up below.

Thank you for reading my review of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool!

To sign-up, start training and use your 30 Free Keywords Searches.

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