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I Got My Website Up And Running By Following The Best Online Affiliate Marketing Training Course On The Internet And By Following These Steps You Can Do Exactly The Same.

I hope you haven't forgot my name already, I'll remind you it's Scott, you just read through a lot of information about building a successful online business. I am a Wealthy Affiliate(WA) member; I began in 2012 as a complete newbie.  Definitely through trial and error and many urges to give up.   I have been able to succeed in creating an online business.  I continue improving my knowledge in product marketing online; I give credit to the training, tools and support offered inside Wealthy Affiliate.

Everyday I am learning, reading and exploring the WA platform because there is so much amazing information  within the community to see.  Reading about others success online; reading Q&A's in the chat to see what issues others are trying to get through.

So the reason I talk so much about the training inside is because that is the core of Wealthy Affiliate.  Once you signup(free) and get inside WA you will take the first level of training which lays the foundation for building your new business.  There are five levels of training within the program.

Dad & Daughter

Have You Been Spending To Much Time On The Wrong Opportunities?

GET RICH QUICK  -  How many get rich quick scams have been sold on and ever joined?  I believe you and I have had many similar experiences.   I guess you could call me a internet opportunity junkie.  The laptop at the beach had me sold every time!


MLM (Network Marketing) - I know you did because you were helping a friend get to next level and he or she sold you on the dream of financial independence. But had to buy all these products first to gain financial freedom.

HATE YOUR JOB - Maybe it's just that simple you, you hate your job.  And you simple want a change. You dread dragging yourself into you workplace every Monday morning and you can't take it anymore.

Internet Marketing May Appear Overwhelming And You May Think Only Large Companies Can Be Successful.

HOWEVER  I am sure this Online Internet Training Course will give you the confidence to build your first website.  Starting with a blank screen with all this white space and having to deliver your ideas from your head to the website canvas can cause you to stop, delay and keep delaying your start.

This training gives you step by step task to complete to get you up running and creating your site.  From there you will begin seeing the results onscreen.  This will add to you motivation to continue onto the next task and keep building your brand.

Where Does Online Success Begins?

It Begins With Having Access To The "BEST" Update Training And Access To The "BEST" Marketing Tools

Lessons 1 thru 10 Getting Started for FREE!

online certification course lessons 1-10This beginner getting started course is to simply get your website up and online.  These first lessons are to establish your web presence, choose a domain, SiteRubix or purchased domain, and setting up hosting.

As you work your way through these tutorials you will learn steps to building the foundation of your website; how to pick a niche, getting ready for search engines, understanding keywords and creating content. Congratulations you are now online.



Hosting your branded website at Wealthy Affiliate.  So will have everything now all in one place.  You can register and host your domains here using the WordPress Platform.

This is the best opportunity for marketers with multiple websites.  Your hosting, domains and tech support all in one place under one log-in.  Along with community support from hundreds of other online marketers available to help answer question and give feedback on your website.

Turn to the community for help in difficult spots and review new and previous training to stay update in the online marketing arena.  You can experience the best in building an online business with WA.

Get inside and see for yourself all the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate.  Check out the all the featured training that will grow your business.  Purchase and register your new domains inside and in minutes get you site up and running online.


Wealthy Affiliate will help you get online and create your website and deliver your brand across all devices.

Following these steps to creating your responsive mobile friendly website is where you will be getting the greatest response of visitors as your site grows.  More and more daily searches for local products and services are done with mobile devices.  The trend is leaning towards increased mobile searches, however the final purchase is completed in front the desk top.  So you want to make sure your online presence is delivered across all devices.

Quality content across all devices.  The best product to deliver your website to world is WordPress.  There is a wide range of free and paid themes.  Keep it simple when starting your first project, no need to get all fancy fro the start. Just learn and get familiar with the back office and then grow. Maybe your next next project you step up to a more fancy theme.  Plus remember our number goal is to deliver quality content not a fancy website.



Inside WA you will the greatest community of help and support.  They marketer just just like you and all are at different stages of building an online business.  There experts, those close to becoming experts, beginners and some that started just last week.  But they all have a goal and vision for building a business online.

These marketers have completed the same training and viewed some of the same webinars you will have access too.  They have experienced the ups and downs of online marketing as well.  They can offer tips on how to get past some online hurdles.  Within the community you can read a members bio and chose if you want to follow them with in the community.  I personally follow experts ranked s the top 10 members inside WA; and of course you want to follow Kyle and Carson.

The WA community has a members blog internally.  If you follow a member you will see their blogs on the roll.  Site Feedback is great way for all members to take advantage of sharing your website content and get some responds on what you may want to add or take away for your website.  But remember no one is going to hammer your your website.  The community is there for help.

There Two Ways To Get Started...

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Tech Support for pressing issues

Affiliate Marketing Website Tech Support

Get access to available online tech support via email.  Websites can fail at any moment sometimes you can immediately figure the issue out and other times you need the help of a professional support tech.

You can contact tech support within the Wealthy Affiliate members back office.  You simply answer a few question and give a description of the issue and submit you ticket.  An email reply is sent as confirmation of your open ticket and your issue has been received.  This is great member service to be able to seek out help from when needed.


Learn the steps to earning online because the opportunity is limitless

Having been lead down the patch of inadequate internet marketing courses; I know you will see growth in your business and gain the ability to identify internet scams after enrolling in good solid online internet marketing course.

A course program that will take you from start to finish; and then you will see money coming into your bank account.

Everything you need to start your online marketing business is right here all under one roof.  Hosting, domain register, email, keyword search and community support is all right here.  You will have no need to go anywhere else because everything is right here.

Founders of Wealthy Affiliate

Kyle and Carson started Wealthy Affiliate in September 2005.  Their initial start up program was focused on keyword usage.  The two were already successful online.  They're passion for helping folks succeed online gave birth to an online platform would help beginner and professional entrepreneurs grow or continue to grow their online business

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