Wealthy Affiliate is and is not

I was thinking just what is Wealthy Affiliate and what it is not. After struggling over and over again to find a legitimate online income opportunity.  I had gone through so many phoney programs I became skeptical of every opportunity. Late one night I was up searching for another possible income opportunity and I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate.

What Wealthy Affiliate Is...

Wealthy Affiliate(WA) is an online internet training program that teaches anyone how to start and produce an internet based income. WA allows those with absolutely no internet marketing experience to get trained from the basics to the advance training in online marketing. The program is fully internet based and can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet access.  

If your not familiar with affiliate marketing; it's researching, learning about a product and maybe even purchasing a sample product; then using different online marketing methods to promote the product to others online and through social media.  One way of promoting the product is by giving product reviews that will help someone searching to buy that product an authentic personal product review. You can build business and earn income by promoting products online.  The product retailers give the affiliate/promoter a commission for leading a buyer to their website when they purchase.

What Wealthy Affiliate is NOT...

To help you understand a little more about WA, I want to give you some information on what WA is not. If you are looking for get rich quick scheme, which honestly I believe does not exist, this may not meet what you are looking or expect.  WA is no MLM or Network Marketing scheme.  There is so much junk out there on the internet that will lead you off in so many different directions which can leave you puzzled and unable to make any progress in your business.  

You can get everything you need to build a online income in place; WA does not take advantage of you contastly offering upgrades to entice you to buy deeper into the program.  There are two ways to get started at WA, first a free member which gives you two website and level one training.  Or you can sign up as premium subscriber and get access to the entire program. and anything new introduced into the program at no additional cost.  You pay one low recurring monthly fee for access.  

Who should be using Wealthy Affiliate?

The program can be used be anyone affiliate marketing can be a slow process to profits; so be patient and committed to the long term.  WA starts you out with the basics and guides you through the internet marketing maze step by step. Once I get inside the back office and you see this is completely different from other programs.  The program is truly education based; other programs said they were but you learn nothing and are left struggling to put it all together.


Reasons to subscribe to WA

  • Training and direction
  • Hosting
  • Domain register 
  • Video classes
  • Forum help
  • Bootcamp income opportunity

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, I have learned a tremendous amount information by following the training on WA.  This training has changed how I do internet marketing and it has really opened my eyes to the full effect of online marketing. Some folks maybe missing out on the opportunity; I truly hope they find they'r way to Wealth Affiliate and start takinng advantage of what is being offered here.  If you decide to join WA you can get started with a free 7 day look inside WA.  

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