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How I Got Started In Internet Marketing for free

My Story...

I am a former Insurance Agent turned internet entrepreneur; and I am so happy I left the insurance industry behind!  I am going lead you to a complete affiliate marketing platform that is going to help you become a success online.  I was trying to get a better understanding of internet marketing and was desperately trying to figure out how it all worked.

At the time I was selling insurance and I was tired of getting beat by companies selling cheap leads.  So late one night I headed over to Google to search.  I googled everything I could frontwards and backwards that had anything to do with online marketing.



Finally, I found my way to affiliate marketing and started for free

I visited a lot of websites, most of those website I just didn't get a comfortable feeling from.  It was like they all were claiming I would get rich in the next 24 hours online if I signed on for their course.  I had fallen for enough of those get rich schemes and have learned my lesson. Stay away!  So I searched "how to do internet marketing" and honestly I knew very little to just about nothing on the subject.  And then I found Wealthy Affiliate that night.

The approach was different.  It was about training and tools.  I always reflect back to what my grandfather told me back in high school. With the right tool you can complete any job, professional or amateur.  As I reviewed the Wealthy Affiliate site I began to see myself building an online business.

The Foundation for Online Success Begins Here! Simply Follow the Steps...

1. The First Step to Online Success - Find A Quality Up to Date Training Program

The foundation to online success start with joining a quality training program.  Join an interactive program that will give you multiple levels of training from start to start to finish.  When I first started searching for online training help I would find program that would have different price scales for training.  These programs seemed to purposely leaving things out.  It just feel like all the dots were connect so I would move and keep searching.

Wealthy Affiliate's online certification training program gives you five levels of training, a total of 50 lessons.  You can be begin the first 10 lessons today for free no credit card needed.  Sign up with only your email and take the first week of training.  This first week of training gets the ball rolling to building your successful online marketing business.


2. Second Step to Online Success - You must have a Website

The next step to building online success is very simple.  You must have a WEBSITE!  Yes you must have a website, no website no success.  Folks now are hot on just having a page on social media, but you will learn in the training why you must have a website to be successful online.

There are many different website builder platforms currently online.  However when you sign up for the training program you will begin your learning to use the best website platform.  Close to 70% of all websites online use this platform.

Our program founders believe WordPress is best website platform for building online success.  Inside you will learn all about WordPress and get extensive up to date training on using it.

3. Final Step to Online Success - Community and Technical Support

The third and final step to building your new successful online business is Support.  You need somebody to support you along the way.  This is a new journey for you and it helps to be able to call on the support from the experts that have come before.  This can be a time saver when you just can figure it out.

The community inside the Wealthy Affiliate program from the founders Kyle and Carson along with the entire member community is there to help you.  You can connect through through posting a question or private email.  Technical support with website and program issue are available too.

Read what members on the inside are saying...

Get in the drivers seat of your own Affiliate Marketing Website

In the drivers seat to Internet MarketingBe encouraged because this may seem overwhelming, if you're new you maybe hearing terms for the first time that are confusing.  My recommendation is for you to join me at Wealthy Affiliates. Here you will gain valuable knowledge on building a successful internet business. Everything you will need is all in one place.

The products are endless but start where you might be the most comfortable. At anytime once you gain more internet marketing knowledge you can change direction and market new products or add on new products but first start with something close to home.

You will soon find out that this is "ABSOLUTELY" the best online internet marketing course anywhere; along with the best community of supporters anywhere!  Take the next step by clicking right below.

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Where to Go From Here?

If you are looking to become an online entrepreneur my goal is help you get your new business off the ground.  My second goal is to help you continue to grow successfully online.  Getting started is easy and more information on getting started provided throughout the site.

Again thank you for taking the time view my site.

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