Job vs Business, a debate at age 15yrs that changed my thinking on how to acquire income.

Job vs BusinessAs I got older my dad always talked business over job. I never can recall my dad ever asking me what I wanted to do when I grew up. What he would tell me was, if you to be rich and have freedom you have to own your own business. He believed that was the only way to live life on your own terms. And he also hated paying taxes

My first job got me hooked on a paycheck and getting paid weekly. I thought it was the best thing in the world. I was fifteen years old working at a local grocery store; my dad got me the job and I was set for the summer. I was making $40 to $50 a week after taxes, and after paying $9 for union dues. I was upset about the union dues and had no idea what taxes were.

Salary or commission check

If you were going to get a job, he believed in commissioned sales jobs. Get a job where you can control your own income. I remember one night at the dinner table we had a great debates ever over getting paid weekly, the 15th and 30th or getting paid via commission paychecks.

Job vs Business - pay check

Now at the time I was in high school working for at a local grocery store chain, as I said my father actually got me the job, it was my first real job; and I got paid weekly. My brother was attending Temple University pro suing a degree in finance; his goal was to become a stockbroker.  At the time he wasn't getting a paid, he dreamed of big commission checks. My mother worked retail, worked hard and held everything together, mom could squeeze a dollar; she got paid weekly. My dad at the time was selling real estate and driving a cab on the side; he got paid when he could.

So I can’t fully remember how the discussion got started but I do remember it was over how do you want to get paid. Do you want a guaranteed paycheck or do want a large commission check once a month? My mother and I of course, we took the side of guaranteed paycheck. My father and brother took the side of commission check; sales job or own your business.

So to make a long story short my mother and I concluded my dad and brother were going to be broke; and we'll have a steady income. Now remember I was only 15yrs old at the time of this debate...


Job vs Business workingI was being programmed by my mother to find a job and work for someone for a steady paycheck for the rest of your life. My father who had run a few different successful and unsuccessful businesses did not believe in working for someone.

Did I mention he hated Uncle Sam! He looked at it like this, start a business or get a commission sales job. He believed commissioned sales jobs gave you the greatest income potential and flexibility. He didn’t believe in trading your time for wages; he believed a job was your fall back; get a pay check when things got tough and when you need the extra income and not it your first option.

Moving forward ten years from that dinner table discussion; I'm now 25 yrs old running my own business and making money! I will never forget my dad's reaction to the moment. He said look at you fully self-employed and making money, you almost fell for that pay check aren't you now glad you didn't? I laughed and said I guess you were right. I became an entrepreneur from then on.

I am an Entrepreneur

Now I am an entrepreneur and being an entrepreneur is hard work; it's a lifestyle everyone is not made to do. There are highs and lows and sometimes extreme lows.

If you have a goal and not just a dream and you have a plan for your goals; you're starting out on right foot. A simple business plan with goals and outcomes will get you started. Take action on your plan and watch the budget and set daily weekly and monthly goals for your business.

You don't have to leave your job to start your own business either you can start part-time. You can start an online business with very little out-of-pocket. Some people don't consider online businesses as a real business. They probably haven't done any research and really don't have an entrepreneur outlook on things. My number one rule is don't let someone talk you out of your dreams and goals.

Become an affiliate marketing entrepreneur today!

You don't have to quit your job but that is the goal!

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