Online Affiliate Marketing – How To Find Your Niche

The list of affiliate products and services to market online is endless. You can grow anything into an online business and take it from part-time to full time online promoting all types of affiliate products.  And because there are so many products and services I want to help shine some light on online affiliate marketing and how to find your niche.

Online affiliate marketing - How to find your niche

What exactly is a Online Affiliate Marketing Niche?

Well a niche can be just about anything, but actually it's a group of individuals that is currently searching for a specific item online or in select retail stores. Niches can be narrow or they can broad and very significant to that group.

Niche Examples


  • Hobbies
  • Beer
  • Bluetooth


  • Lionel steam engine train set
  • 1970's Classic Budweiser beer mugs
  • Bluetooth waterproof shower speaker

Find a Niche by sharing your experiences

Through your career you have specific knowledge related to a niche market. Your interest in certain industries, hobbies and products over the years has given you knowledge that most may not have.

As an affiliate marketer you can build a business promoting specific products geared to help people.

==> Become a niche expert

Online affiliate marketing - How to find your nicheEvery minute someone is searching products or services online. As they are searching, most are seeking to alleviate pain or discomfort in their current life. Maybe they're having trouble sleeping at night and experience neck pain, they are searching trying to find a way to alleviate that pain and discomfort. Your recommendation maybe a specific pillow that you used to deal with a similar sleep issue and now you are able to share you personal experience with others.

Where too find a niche products

You can find niche products everywhere. Maybe you should start in the most likely places of all places, your home. Your home is a storage place of all sorts of unique niche products. Now probably you're thinking no one is going to buy this stuff but remember someone sold you on it, so you can do the same.

Places to find the best niche ideas are:

  • Home - kitchens and bedrooms
  • Work - your coworkers desk or ask questions
  • Friends and family - ask questions about what new products they recently purchased

I recommend these as good places to start and get some ideas then head over to google with those items and start going some research. Try these search terms: Where too buy "blank". How much does "blank" cost. Is "blank" popular? Then come up with some of your own to find more information about these potential niche products.

Other places to find products to promote

Other places I have found products to promote has been in drug stores. Think about it this is where people go to get help to deal with discomfort. They want rid themselves off pain. The major drug store chaines now carry so much more than just allergy medicines and personal care products. There are lots of promotable products in this place.

Make sure you stop by the magazine rack too, flip through some magazines for ideas. If manufactures are advertising their products in magazines and spending big dollars to it they might have and affiliate program so you can promote thier items online too.

Online affiliate marketing - How to find your niche

Your local mall take a stroll down to your local mall and see whats poppin'. Check out the bags shoppers are carring. Ask a few questions where the bought that if their friendly enough they will tell you why they like it so much. Visit the kiosks in the malls and see what unique products they are selling.

Don't forget that huge magical retailer; you know the one. That One, yes the BIG ONE. They have everything you need and along with an online affiliate program to promote all their products and they have free 2 day shipping. More enticing for your visitor to buy online.

That was just a few extra places to find marketable products to promote online.

How to promote your niche

Wordpress website content managementNow that we have a bit of an idea what niche marketing is; we can potentially considered a niche starting point. Let's look at how we can promote our niche online. And the first few things we are going to need to set up your new website. If you don't already have one set up, we going to take a look at the leading website builder and marketing platform online; and that's WordPress.

WordPress is the number one themed and content management system for websites. With multiple functions and plug-in to add extra capabilities to promote your product. If you are not familiar with WordPress my suggestion is you get familiar very quickly. You can take a one week course at Wealthy Affiliate(FREE) and get your website up and running. After one-week you have the option of becoming and paid member or you can stay as free member. Which ever way you choose, this training on how to set up your WordPress press website is the best.

I conclude with this

Finding a niche is easy; don't over work yourself trying to find the perfect product to promote online. Find a product you like, something you have knowledge about and you can do additional research on to learn more about. Anything can be marketed online. Use google often for your research, make sure you sign up for the free one-week training course. This will give you so much more information on how to promote you niche and become a succcessful online marketer.

Online affiliate marketing - How to find your niche

Building your niche business is not a get-rich-quick business, you will need to make a commitment to the long term. I started my business back in 2012. It was not easy, I wanted to throw the towel in many times but my desire to build my business was greater. I found my first niche product in my home and learned about niche affiliate marketing completely through trail and error. You can do the same, start in your home and you will see this business grow weekly, monthly and yearly.

Best wishes to you.

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