How To Define Your Target Audience In Affiliate Marketing?

Who is your customer and how do you define your target audience?

In any business it's a must for you to know how to define your target audience. And if you are running or looking to start an online business you should definitely know who you want to buy your product and service.

So many people start out in business with a wonderful dream of getting rich and making it big in business. I'm not mad at you because that should be your number one goal. I'm thinking you  may have traded in the hourly wages for profits or you are planning to soon leave that old nine to five.

how to define your target audience

However, many a new business has failed because they didn't have answers to these questions.

  • How do we profit?
  • Who's going to buy our product?
  • Who are we selling your product to?

You need a target audience. `I want to help you today to define a target audience so your business will have a goal to market towards. You see it doesn't matter what you are marketing. What matters first is knowing who your customer is and how to reach them.

Real people sitting behind computers searching for help.

searching for help onlineUnderstanding human behavior and marketing. Think about how you respond to advertising on TV. Does it motivate you to act. The same can be done here online. There are real people sitting at home behind their computers searching for help and ready to take action.

There's a particular restaurant that causes me to take action almost every time I see their advertisement. They know me and they get me to move; but my wife makes me to sit back down. But they know me, they know who I am. That's what your business will need long term to be successful, knowing who your audience is.

Are you sure who your audience is...

  • Male or Female?
  • How old are they?
  • Are they married?
  • Do they have children?
  • What issue do they have?

These question are just the beginning to uncovering and understanding who your audience is. There's a term that has recently become popular in online marketing. It's called Avatar...

HubShot defines Avatar as, "a customer, a fictional character that represents your ideal prospect. Your customer Avatar will help you must fine tune your marketing efforts and help you must understand why some products sell better than others. It also helps to expose gaps or conflicts in your marketing message of which you must maybe unaware".

Who is your business avatar, where are they found?

We ask ourselves more questions about our Avatar

We begin to think about our Avatars likes and dislikes. This isn't to difficult we are just building a profile based on information we have gathered centered around our ideal customer. We could stay basic or could get even more inept with building our ideal prospect.

Remember we're not building a robot; we're building our ideal customer. A robot is built and programmed by humans. We're designing a customer that we hope and expect to buy our products.

These real people with real problems and we believe our product and service will help. But we need to find them? Trust me they're looking for help. Millions are online searching for help. And the opportunity to HELP and sell products and earn a commission online is great!

Here's my best Avatar example for you.

I spent sometime in the mortgage business before the bottom fell out. Now we this offline, our ideal customer was someone who was behind in their bills; overcome with debt and needed cash to help pay down debt. They were experiencing pain; they had issue with debt and the wanted relief. So we defined our target audience and this is what our avatar looked like...

  1. They were males and females
  2. They were 45 years of age or older
  3. They had children
  4. They were home owners
  5. They had substantial debt
  6. Their home had equity

So our advertisement was, "Are You in Debt and Want OUT? Take Two Aspirin Get Some Sleep and Call Us in the Morning". We designed our ideal prospect and tailored our advertisement to attract them and have them take action. Get some sleep - there's a new day coming - there's help out there for you.

If you have had this type of debt issue you know there can be some sleepless nights. We knew how we could help our specific prospect. If they fit the mold; your niche product or service can help. You get the idea now.

Transforming your audience with your product or service.


Now that your established your idea prospect; how will your product or service transform they're lives once they become users. Who will they become?

Remember to someone you maybe selling more than a product and service. In my example above we were selling a way for people overcome with debt to restart their live debt free. This was possible if they fit into our specific niche.

If they didn't fit into our specific mold it was going to be hard for us to help them. We were laser focused on who our avatar was; who fit and who didn't fit.

Follow the plan you set for your audience.

Now that you understand how to define your audience. It's a best practice to test edit your offer to audience. Try different offer approach to your audience. We're not changing our audience we're changing our offer to our audience. Our audience will respond if we offer the right message of help to them.

Most people who have pressing issue will make a move to get some help. So define your audience and offer them help and they will seek you must out. Your job is to help.

I said it before there are literally millions of people yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and every minute searching for help online. Define your audience tailor your offer and help. It's that simple. You don't need to complicate the process.

Thank you for stopping by I hope this help and gave you some new ideas or start you on the path to affiliate marketing. If so please leave me a comment below. And remember you can join me inside Wealthy Affiliate starting for FREE.

Good day and keeping forward!

Scott J.

Get Laser Focused!

Remember everyone is not your customer; you can not sell everybody. To learn more about online marketing click on my smiling face.

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