From Insurance agent to online marketer

My adventure into internet marketing started soon after I almost went broke as a Life & Health insurance agent. This is just a quick story of why I went from Insurance agent to online marketer.  I was working as a captured agent, that just means you work for one company as a sales agent. Most agents are paid 100% commission plus a bonus structure and all you get is a desk, a telephone and a few internet leads.

Do you want to learn how to generate leads for your business?

So Up until this point I had never heard of an internet lead and so I was curious about how my company got the leads. My sales manager knew very little about how the leads were generated. He simply knew they would receive these leads usually twice per week on Tuesday and Thursday from the marketing department. In the afternoon he would hand them out. Once you got your internet leads it was time to go dialing for dollars,that agent talk for hammering the phones to schedule appointments.

The leads were good and bad, more bad than good. So eventually not making enough as captured agent I decided I would become an insurance broker and represent multiple companies and began working from home for another organization. Now they're program was a lot different; now I'm buying internet leads myself.

These leads sucked! I was buying leads weekly and not getting any return, I wasn't selling any policies with these leads. After getting burned a couple of times with trash leads that’s when I started to search the internet to learn how to generate my own leads online.

I would research and research everyday and all I would find was internet income opportunities. I signed up for direct marketing, MLM and anything else that sounded like it was going to lead me on the path to riches! It seemed like all I found was one internet scam after another; I also spent more money than I should have.

Having no luck I stumbled across a site called wealthy affiliate, now this site was completely different. The site offered a full one week test drive to take a look in side, It was completely FREE, no credit card no up sell. I signed up took my free test drive and learned where I had been lead down the wrong path. I watched videos, I read articles I read the question being asked in the community.

What I have learned at wealthy affiliate has completely changed my direction in internet marketing and opened my eyes to so many new and different opportunities to earn an income online. I assume you are alo searching for how to learn internet marketing and how to enhance your marketing skills online. My recommendation is that you sign up for wealthy affiliate and start learning today. Start today at "7 Day Free Trial" for a new serious online income.


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