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Online Internet Marketing Course connects beginner and professional marketers to innovative training and marketing tools that will transform your vision and goals into a successful online business.

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting someones else's product or service thru your website.  This online course teaches you how to do and how to earn from affiliate marketing.  By writing reviews and giving recommendations you can earn a commission.  You can share personal experiences within your review.

The course transforms learning into earning using Affiliate Marketing.

Along with giving advice on where to go to purchase the product or sign up for the service.  Example would be you write a review on your website for tennis shoes and you link to Amazon to purchase the shoes.  If the reader goes through your link and purchases the shoes you earn a commission

Here's a simple example of how affiliate marketing works:

how to affiliate marketing

These are the 4 basic steps to learning and earning from affiliate marketing. Your goal will be to continue educating yourself within the affiliate online space.  And develop a program that works for you and the products and services you are promoting using these basic steps as your starting foundation.  

Can you really make money from your couch?

The answer is YES! But the sad thing about the internet is...  it's full of scams and junk and you have to spend hours upon hours weeding through misleading website and pages to find quality online marketing information.  Google is working hard at cleaning up the junk that's online so your search result is returning good information.

As far earning an income from your couch it definitely can happen; but don't expect it to happen overnight.  If you are looking for a quick get rich scheme affiliate marketing is not for you.  This income opportunity requires commitment and patients because you are building a brand along with a following.  Your first goal is staying committed for the long term, continuing to learn from the affiliate experts and build your brand.

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Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started Level One will prepare you to accomplish the first steps to building your NEW online business.

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These are the same courses I began learning internet marketing and from there started my own online internet marketing business!

Meet me on the inside...

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I Have A Few More Tips I Would Like To Offer You

A. Don't be intimidated by internet marketing

There's internet certification class and weekly video training.  It maybe a little intimidating at first because there is so much information out there.   Slowly you will gain confidence and things will start to fall into place. This is a complete start to finish program, everything needed is all in one place.

So to sum it all up for you, it's simply the best place to learn all there is about internet marketing. If you are still not completely convinced you can sign up and take a free 7 day test drive.

I believe you will be completely blown away by what is offered on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate; when you will sign up and become a full time member you are joining a community of active internet marketers that are willing to share and help you.

B. Get started and stay focused

Stop wasting time and start earning an online income. If you’re anything like me you probably have a high level of interest in internet marketing but a very low level of internet marketing knowledge. It literally took me several years to stop wasting time and start building a business online. I also had to learn how to build a business online.

I was lead in so many different directions and fell down so many pitfalls trying to get a grasp of how this internet marketing thing worked, it seemed like I could never get it going in the right direction.

I’m thinking you probably have made your way here to this website because you are struggling at getting your online business off the ground.  Let me share with you what I learned the hard way and that is, “every online internet marketing course is not created equal”.

So give some more serious thought as to why you are here... Is it because you need more help with website marketing? Or do you need help designing your website?

Are looking for help with keyword research? Have you just started out with online marketing and you’re totally lost? Did you subscribe or purchase an online course that has lead you nowhere?

C. There are thousands of products to market online

Whether your business is online or offline, nowadays every business needs to have website. WordPress website have made it easier for anyone to build a website in just minutes.

After you get your website set-up you can think more about the direction you want your website to go.  If we don’t set a direction for our business we won’t have a place to get to; we want our business to flourish.

Now we are ready for our niche, so what exactly is a niche?  It simply a term describing what a group of people may be searching for or group of people that only use recommended product.

If you have entered any business before, you know most people start businesses that they are somewhat familiar with; or you can promote or market products that you use in your own home.

You may want to market something that you have great in knowledge in or have had a great experience using.  Some examples could be, hand tools or creating gift baskets and these would examples of a niche.

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Find everything you need to run your online business. Get the support from the community, marketing tools, domains and hosting find everything you will need right here under one roof.