Trust Me! This Online Certification Course Will Erase Your Doubt.

In a previous article I talked about my transition from insurance agent to online marketer. The reason I decided to change was I was having an issue with generating leads and wanted to develop my own website. This online certification course with 50 total lessons helped to guide me from start to launch.  I had been burned by lead generation companies with bad leads to many times. From last experience I was determined to learn internet marketing for myself.

Taking your first steps

online certification course lesson 1-10

I was struggling with getting stared and building the confidence to put my very own content out there for the world to read. Do you feel like no one wants to read what you're talking about? Do you feel like you're not getting anywhere with learning how to start an online business?

I was feeling probably along the same lines as you do now. It's a feeling of excitement but also at the same time you have absolutely no idea where to begin. And then what happens next is the doubt begins to settle. Don't worry I'm going to help you get through it.

I was highly motivated to build an online business but had no clue on how to get started. So I scowled the internet searching for free guides on how to get started online. That turned out to be a bad idea.

Build your own online brand

online certification course lesson 11-20My research led me deep into the unknown; out into the wilderness of sketchy content; through the spooky world wide web of scammers. I was taken down into the abyss of "get-rich-quick" websites.

It was really frustrating trying to find my way out the offers because they sounded so good, collect money while chilling on the beach...? That's definitely was what I wanted". But it sounded too good to be true. Another, "check out my Ferrari", you got a Ferrari by sending out emails twice a week! That's it sign me up, it only cost $1995 to get inside the program. WHAT!!!

These marketers built a brand, a very attractive brand, designed to draw you in and get you to believe you can do next to nothing and get paid. I mean everything was so bright and shine with bling on every website; and they made it sound so easy.

Has that happened to you? I'm pretty sure you have been sucked into that get-rich-quick world. You may have even signed up for a few of those programs and got nowhere. And after getting burned once or twice, you're still trying to find a legitimate online marketing program.

Follow the online certification course steps

online certification course lesson 21-30I don't know how I got out of the scam world, I can't remember what I googled but I found my way out of the no work required you will win online in one week search results. I found my way out and was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate(WA).

My goal here is to introduce to you what I feel is the number one online internet marketing course out there. Wealthy Affiliate is a complete online marketing platform; offering you training, website hosting, domain register, community forum and tech support.

Within this article my plan is to walk you through the training that is offered. From the images I have included you can see 50 complete lessons to launch your online business.  Through the training on this site I have launched my own internet business. I no longer sell insurance; I work a full-time time night job and I work part-time on my internet affiliate marketing business 4 hours a day.

Stay socially engaged

online certification course lesson 31-40I want you to understand that WA is real and legit; and these are the 50 lessons within the premium member program that helped me to get my internet business off the ground.

The lessons are for those who are looking to start an online business; and is specifically focused on affiliate marketing. If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing the first 10 lessons will give you more understanding.

A discussion topic that now stays relevant to all online marketers is the use of social media to grow your business and brand. This first section of  online certification course training gives us our starting point for building an online business, along with pointing us in the right direction.

This section of lessons (31 thru 40) will help us to learn and understand how to get socially engaging with our website. I explained previously in this article I got deeply lost and I almost started to chase something else.

Success you have a real business online certification course lesson 41-50

The benefit you get within each section is there are written steps and video walk through to guide you. I guarantee you can not get lost once you enroll in this course.

You have a plan to get your online business up and running and to keep it updates with content. Update content and a steady flow of new content will keep your site ranking in Google. This will also help you keep a new flow of organic traffic to your site.

If you have no experience with WordPress, this training will help you to understand how it functions and how it is used to manage you new website.

The videos within the lesson will show you how taking different actions within your WordPress site will immediately affect and change your website.

From start to website launch

As you have just read there definitely is a solid way for you to launch your own online business. The 50 lessons are what will guide you from start to website launch. Your website launch will come faster than you think. Within the first lesson you will get your website up and running.

Once your website is up the online certification course will help you get content up on your site. Each lesson will give you action and show you the outcome. The video training is great because you can watch it over and over until you get it. Found this part of the training course to be the most helpful.

On the inside, this training course will give you 50 lessons that will produce an online business in which you chose your niche. Each lesson has a specific purpose resulting in how your website will function; and how visitors will also experience your website. Everything is here for you. Work at you own pace, I suggest you don't rush through the 50 lessons. I wish you much success.

This affiliate marketing course will erase any doubt you have about starting an online business.

50 complete lessons on marketing, websites, social media, images, content and more...

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