Basic Business Of Affiliate Marketing In 4 Easy Steps!

Basic Business Of Affiliate Marketing In 4 Easy Steps!

I have Google set as my homepage when I open my web browser, because I know I will be searching for something I need or want. Whether it be product or service or even just general knowledge on a topic I head to Google.

Maybe I'm in serious text chat group debate with my college buddies and need some added information or prove my point; It could be anything.  And I'm sure you have used a search engine to find information on a topic concerning somethings around you.

Google is the number one website (some may say Amazon is #1 website), but Google is the most used search engine website in the world.  Maybe today you've been searching for affiliate marketing information on Google; and I am very confident your can be successful at affiliate marketing and earn extra income from your efforts.

There is an infinite number of people, including yourself that search and purchase any and everything online daily. You name it, it can be found on the internet; anything from your childhood favorite toy to products you use daily.

Follow The Basic Steps To Affiliate Marketing

The basic understanding of affiliate marketing is promoting someone else's or another company's product or service for a commission. There are two sides to the affiliate marketing: consumers and niche promoters.

Basic steps online shoppers may follow to find a solution to their problem:

  1. Identify the problem: "I can't sleep"
  2. Research online using keywords: sleep issues
  3. Read blog review: Old pillows may cause sleep issues
  4. Make online purchase to replace old pillows.

basic business of affiliate marketing

This is just a basic example of how consumers think about purchasing products online. They have identified a problem they want to resolve. Then they research a solution and identify potential products through the use of keywords.

Keywords are search terms; these terms help find the information that's pertinent to your search. Next they read the reviews on the product; online shoppers want to know what others are saying. They are searching for good and bad reviews.

Each one of these reviews counts towards making a purchase or continuing to look for more information. And at some point a purchase is made!

Now on the affiliate marketer part of the sales process.

We write the reviews for the products and services. We help the online consumer to make their purchase decision. We help to market and promote the affiliate products and services you are currently searching for online.  When a purchase is made the affiliate company gives us a commission.

To break down the process a little more for affiliate marketers

  1. Choose our niche
  2. Build a niche website
  3. Write quality reviews of products
  4. When purchase is made we earn a commission

basic business of affiliate marketing

Why Affiliate Marketing Is So Great? It's The Niche

Your affiliate marketing success is purely determined by your effort. The niche in what you chose to create your business around, it will also define how well you fuel your effort. You don't have to but it's recommended your chose a niche product/service you have some general knowledge and interest in.

You should try to make that niche you're starting point as you grow your business you can branch off into other niche products and services.

Now that is just one way to start. Your probably thinking you don't have any interest in anything or you can't think of a niche product to market. It's quite possible that your niche comes from something in your home or maybe your children.

Think about it this way. Are your a soccer mom or dad; do your wash the child's dirty uniforms weekly.

A great potential niche could be socks, they can get muddy and grass stained.  Not plain old socks, your niche might be "soccer socks".  That's just one way to find a niche.  Another way to understand is that most people are drawn to maintaining their health or getting healthy and always want to  build wealth.

So think about health and building wealth (making money) as niche.  If this niche product and services have no interest to you. Stay with promoting physical products as a niche; coffee makers, wine chillers, electronics, etc.

You Need A Platform To Market Your Affiliate Business.

Where do you go to build your business online? As you already know you need a website to market your affiliate products. There are many different place for you to go to set up your website. Not every website building platforms will give you everything your need to build and market your online business.

basic business of affiliate marketing

Many will charge you fees to upgrade your service. It's best to avoid the upgrade fees and find a complete platform because it will save you money when you're getting started.

If you want to keep it basic you can. However to get the most out of your business start by thinking outside the box, if you think to small your return be small.  To get your affiliate marketing up to a successful level and earn income you will need to the right marketing tools and the right training.  My #1 recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate.

No other website platform offers you a complete system and a community of affiliate marketers to lean on for support. These marketers are all operating their business at different experience levels; from beginners to experts. This platform gives you the ability to follow and interact through chat and ask questions.

If you are a complete beginner you can start with taking the beginner course.  So think about where your want to begin. What product you want to market. Check this affiliate out this marketing platform.

This video is probably one of the better video examples of affiliate marketing I've seen; check it out.

When It Finally All Comes Together - You Have An Online Affiliate Marketing Business

It may seem pretty hard but it's easy to get started it's hard to keep moving forward.  The affiliate marketing business is not very complicated. You promote others peoples products and get paid a small commission in return.

You don't have to worry about overhead such as stocking and storage for the products. You don't have to worry about processing transaction or handling returns. Customer service is handle by the company and not your.

You're focus is driving traffic to your affiliate website and converting that traffic into sales.

If you want to start a business with very little out-of-pocket, all most next to nothing in some cases, affiliate marketing is your best option. There is unlimited opportunity and infinite amount of products to promote.

I am certain you will find a niche that will interest you and you can promote that niche product year after year. Once you get one niche product website up and running you can then move on to another project and begin to make money online.  Trust me, this business is endless.

I will remind you again, yes the business is easy, but we can cause it to be hard when we don't follow the steps. Please follow the step to online success.  The best place to follow the steps to online success is at Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Platform.

If this information helps you any, please leave comment below about your experience with online marketing.

Good day!

Scott J

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