How To Rebound From Failed Business Idea

For many entrepreneurs we never learn how to rebound from a failed business ideas. You're definitely not alone when it comes to failing in business. Some of us have failed a couple of times; and more of us have failed many times. If a billion dollar business idea can fail, your business just might fail too.  If so you should prepare yourself for your comeback.

Failing in business ain't the end of the world!

Today I'm going to make a bold a statement to you, "I have failed!" Actually I have failed several times, probably failed more times than I'd like to admit. It sucks to fail, it's hard, it's brutal, and it's emotionally draining but I'm still here to try again and that is what I do. I get back up, get in there and try again. At some point the failures will go away.

One day we will share our testimony about how we got through it. People will begin to flock to us for answers and advice on how we are making things happen now and getting it done because these failures and challenges reveal to us a greater learning experiences.

What is it that draw us to being entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are built differently; and we see things differently. Entrepreneurs don't see the vision that job is selling. Success through a 9 to 5 is not the way for us. I define a job as short term way to make ends meet; and If you're an entrepreneur you probably have some of these same thoughts regularly. How many times have you been at your desk or where ever the job post is gazing out the window or day dreaming and just want to scream... "I'm out!"

My experience and how I was drawn to be an entrepreneur starts from talks with my grandfather and father. My grandfather always talked to me about owning my own my business. My father never talked to me about a job he always said the job was a fall back owning your own business was the main goal.

I believe the focus for most entrepreneurs is building a striving business and to live life on their terms. Remember to stay humble, keep strong faith and do not gloat when we succeed; the climb up the mountain is long and hard.

When you have to start over again in business

Over coming the fact that the last business adventure just failed and you didn't make a dime; and now calculating that all your funds are now depleted. Once again potentially taking on heat from the spouse, they probably have been throwing "don't do it" jabs at you since started the business launched.

Now that the smoke has settled; It's been a few months and now it's back to chasing the dream and to find away to introduce a new business idea. Remember true entrepreneurs have business ideas after business idea on deck; the notebook is full of ideas. Never stop chasing after your dreams.

Our focus should always be on continuously learning; and increasing product and service knowledge. Profits are directly connected to how well clients and potential clients are serviced. Failing can give us a great learning experience, and we can use that information to identify our mistakes and become a better entrepreneur.

Changing from traditional business to online marketing

I began to rethink what I wanted my business to look like. I also began to look at where I wanted my business to be. I was small business traditionalist I was all for the brick and mortar business model; but I began to research online business opportunities, from there I learned I need to think more about developing an online business because the opportunity and the reach was greater and less out-of-pocket to get started.

However I was lacking online marketing experience and I had to get it and I needed it quickly. I found my way to an online training program where I learned all about online marketing and how to promo my business online. This was my break through it ended up becoming my "Aha" moment. I reevaluated my plan, I took away somethings and added other things, set new goals and established a new vision.

I was all in with online marketing. This time I found a business that will allow me to create a passive income online. Gone are my days of a store front business. I can work from anywhere there is an internet connect.

For other entrepreneurs that have failed and are back looking for a new opportunity I recommend you review Wealthy Affiliate. Here you can start building a business from practically nothing and build a part-time or full-time income. Learn to promote anything online; if you have experience or no experience at all this a great place to start learning online marketing.

This internet marketing course can help you rebound

Here you can start building a business from practically nothing and build a part-time or full-time income. Right now I'm working part-time building my business. I have the foundation and my website is growing weekly with new content and articles to attract new visitors.

More than likely you are using the internet daily, maybe you should rethink how you are using the internet and start thinking about how you can profit from using the internet. With this program bay Wealthy Affiliate it's closer than you think.

So there you go my entrepreneur friends; get back out there and get it going again plan your business and work your plan. Trust the process; failing is part of the process.

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This not MLM so no recruiting, no living room meeting, none of that stuff!

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