How To Create Content For Website.

How To Create Content For Website


How to create content for your website, its a struggle!

Once I created my website I had no idea how to create content for my website. That is once I purchased my domain and installed my WordPress theme I had zero idea on how to create content. Is this a struggle for you also?

My website was up but nothing was there I had created the pages and I created my menu bar but I had no content for visitors to view to understand my platform. Then I procrastinated daily about getting it done. I realized I feared writing content for my website. I feared people reading my content and me not having an idea or clue about what I was talking about.

I froze up worst then a kid his first time on stage at an elementary school concert. I would sit down and nothing would come out.Honestly for months I had a WordPress blog up with nothing on it because I was afraid to create content for my website. I was sure I wanted to start a website and market affiliate products but could not bring myself to write one piece of content.

Write your plan down

  • topic
  • keywords
  • sources
  • outline

For your website to get ranked and for you to get traffic to your website you need to publish content. You need to have consistent content published on your website; but I was new, that was my excuse.

I was stuck on I don't have anything to write about. Then it was nobody is going to read my website anyway. I didn't have a website I had excuses.

I tried to create content for my website but this would happen

I would read and read how to create content but still nothing was getting created. Than I began to seek out ways in my mind how could quit, it would much much easier to quit and just take down my website. I really had not invested much in getting it up and running.

How many times have you started out full of steam ready to take on an opportunity and because of certain challenges you either don't get started or do a little and stop. That was me, even when I did multi level marketing.

I would sign up, pay the money and do nothing. That's pretty much what I did with my website I bought a domain bought a hosting package and did nothing.

Wealthy Affiliate how to write content

Why I wanted to Quit...

I probably should have chosen "how to quit" as my first blog post topic; I was an expert on giving up. I bought a cheaply written content e book or downloadable thing. This had two articles that I could use.

The articles were terrible not even worth the effort to edit. I posted the articles on Street Articles and got penalized for duplicate content. So what was I am going to do now.

I needed a way out of this internet marketing thing fast! I wasn't able to create a blog post so there was no need for me to maintain a website. It seemed like every time I sat down to write an article to promote my website writers block would immediately begin.

But, it really wasn't writers block it was fear. Fear that I was not good enough to offer information pertaining to my website subject. Fear that I would not be

Then I began to use this tool to create content for my website

I was member at Wealthy Affiliate, I had gone through the certification training but I still could not get myself to write an article. Wealthy Affiliate later introduced a writing tool that changed the game for me. I'm unsure how other members within the WA community use this tool but it has definitely changed the game for me.

Wealthy Affiliate content writing tool

I went back through the training for some reason now everything fell into place. I was able to finally get going with writing content for my website.

With in this writing platform for you can create several templates that help you get you to writing. I like to use the Five-W writing style. You remember back in high school Who, What, Where, When & Why and add-on How.

This style of writing still works and it not complicated. Apply this style to your content and basically answer the questions and lead your readers through the article.

Thinking back to high school English class

My English teacher in high school explained to me when I write think of the person who will be reading your work. Think of that person riding in the back of a taxi cab holding a fishbowl filled with water and one gold fish in the bowl.

I was confused just like you are right now. What he said is you want your reader to have a smooth ride and have the water splashing all over the place. Give your readers a smooth ride no jerking around follow your outline and keep focused on the writing task.

Stay on subject if you get off subject that could cause you read to spill some water. Remember keep it smooth.

Make sure you do your research

Content writing planI started thinking back to that story and it got me to start to create content for my website. I researched other websites within the same category looked at the lay out of their pages and post and customized it to fit me.

Remember to also research and take notes on the topic that you are planning an article to write. Research your keywords. I use the Jaaxy here at WA.

The keyword word search app with WA give you ranking information for phrases you potential want to write about. Your content will rank with or without specific keywords with the article but it does help to have a targeted keyword.

And it's better have a target keyword phrase and not just one keyword. People searching for information do not just search for one word when the go to google.

Don't just search for "shoe" the search with google would be more like "black dress shoes for men". That's more like how people find what they are looking for online.

Wealthy Affiliate is where they will teach you how to make money writing content

making money onlineMy writing for my website has gotten so much better and my confident has gone up. I know my content is getting read because I can see from my analytic stats that track my website from behind the scene.

It may take you a while to get writing like it did for me but you will get it going. The online affiliate marketing world offers unlimited opportunity to succeed with little out-of-pocket cost.

This is only how I get it done for my website, maybe you have different way of approaching writing content. Which way you chose, simply chose to take action.

If you can relate or if this has motivated you to take please leave a comment below. Remember simply take action.

Good day!

Scott J

You Can Become Awesome At Content Writing!

When you're starting out creating content can be a difficult task in building a website. Learn more about the best Affiliate Marketing platform for writing content and building website.

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