I Want To Start A Business, NOW!

Is this something you think about quite often, "I want to start a business, NOW!" So many people want to be entrepreneurs and dream of owning their own business but most don't know how to get started. And often times these dreams get snuffed out because of our lack of resources or our fears but the desire is still there.

What can I do, I want to start a business, NOW!


There are lots of ways to start a business and an overwhelming amount of opportunities out there these days. My suggestion is to determine what type of business you want to start. Here are few questions you might want to ask yourself?

  • What kind of business do want to start? Online or Traditional brick and mortar?
  • How much money do I have to invest?
  • How much time do I have to dedicate to my business?
  • Where will my business operate? Home or Office?
  • What type of business? Product or Service?

These are just a few questions you should put some thought to when you have a desire to start a business. Trust me there are many more questions I could list, but these few questions are a good start for you. Now the most important question you need to ask is "WHY?" Why do you want to start a business? The answer to this question should along the lines of something that's very personal to you.

What kind of business should I start, NOW?

I want to start a product businessSo when you say "I want to start a business, now". Which business do you want to start a physical products or a service business? Physical products will always be a highly considered business option.

Do you currently have an interest in providing a particular service as a new business? Service type business will also never go away; folks will always to have someone do it or get the job done for them.

Starting a service based business may come a bit easier because usually there is lesser start up cost required. You may have a job working for a service based company and decide you want to go out and do your. own thing; so use your know how and do it.

Basically you are taking all the knowledge you have consumed from that job and transferring it over to your own business. This is not uncommon, it happens all the time. A great example this could be a plumber who worked for a large plumbing contractor who decided to leave to start his own business.

Another common business start is physical products as a new business. This is definitely a great start for someone that has product already or want to develop and market their own product.

Physical products will also always be around, people will always be on the look out to purchase new and improved products. Folks will always look for ways to make life easier or make it easier to complete a task around the house. Physical product examples... t shirts, coffee mugs, backpacks, this can go on forever. Think about what you might need to help you are day go by smoother.

Why the high cost of entry keeps many from starting their business.

Should it be online or traditional brick and mortar? Brick and mortar store front businesses will also always be around however the cost to start and maintain this type of traditional business can run very high. The onset of the online e commerce website that are being launched every day and of course Amazon has changed the game for many traditional store front businesess.  You can see the effects of online business has had on many tradition retailers.

No money to start your businessThere are ways to get into this type of business; you could an existing business from an owner that maybe looking to retire. But for the most part it will take a major financial investment to get started. But you must examine if this really a good fit for you.

If you have the ability to invest in the start up or purchase. This maybe a fit for you. Some folks look at franchises opportunities; there different levels of invest needed to get in and started.

Many who want to start a business but do not have the available funds to make that type of investment. So what happens is you are dream of a business get tucked away. And of course then you see the idea you had TV; don't be mad it happens to all us.

The old saying goes if you want it bad enough you will make it happen. I believe there is much truth to that statement as well. If you want it bad enough you will find away to make it happen. I have gone all in on some business ideas that did not pan out. I've partnered up in the past with friends and family and now I know now that was a bad idea and it won't happen again.

It's a personal decision to make huge investment in a business. Those on the outside looking in at you are choice probably won't understand either. If they are programmed to believe having a job is the only way to be successful; then they will not understand the motivation behind investing in business.

How to start a business without the large investment

If making a large investment to start a business is not an option for you. You can start any business without making a large investment. I believe the best way to start a business with the least out-of-pocket start up cost is online affiliate marketing.

There are service type businesses like cleaning service, lawn service, pet service these common service type industry businesses. These service type businesses are easy to get up and running and they can be very rewarding and very lucrative. The cost of start-up is low however service type businesses demand you are time; if you are lacking time do to family and/or primary job obligations you are business will definitely suffer.

have money to start a business

This why I recommend online affiliate marketing. I have owned and operated product businesses, franchise and service type business and all demand all of you are attention. Service businesses demand you are time outside the home and away from family. Depending on the type you may find yourself on call also.

Affiliate marketing business will give the freedom and flexibility with a low start cost. To learn more about affiliate marketing click here. Affiliate marketing is promoting someone else's products and services for a commission. You need a website and content. That's sounds to easy, yes there other things needed but this the base of you are online marketing business.

Get training everything you need begin as an affiliate marketer here and get started for FREE!

My final thoughts about starting a business now

Do what excites you the most this was my opinion and you my see things completely different. I do recommend you research any all opportunities that are out there right. I also do believe that affiliate marketing is the best low cost start-up right now. You can learn more about affiliate marketing here.

The last thing for you to do is start. Simply get started doing something; many never take action. You must take action and get started. The business can't go and grow without you taking action. So whatever you plan to do you must take action.

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Good day!

Scott J


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